Vertimaq CNC Drills

Image of a Vertimaq CNC drill in action, precisely drilling a metal object. The machine is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and high-quality tools, allowing for a fast and efficient machining process. The precision and quality of the work are evident in the details of the machined part. This image demonstrates the ability of the Vertimaq CNC drill to perform high quality work in the field of precision machining.

Explore our wide range of CNC machines at Vertimaq, your trusted store for machining equipment. You will discover a range of CNC Drills and Pantographs designed specifically to meet the needs of carpentry workshops and small craftsmen. These advanced machines offer the latest technology in the field.

Our machining centers stand out for their compact design, ease of use and great flexibility. With these machines, you will be able to drill, slot, mill, cut and much more, everything necessary for the manufacture of furniture, and all without occupying more than two square meters in your workshop.

The latest generation technology integrated into our equipment guarantees exceptional precision in each operation. You will be able to carry out detailed and complex projects with ease, obtaining professional and high-quality results.

In addition, the ease of use of our machines makes them accessible tools for all types of users, even those with little experience in handling machining machinery. With an intuitive interface and simple controls, you’ll be able to quickly master how these machines work and make the most of their potential.

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DBORE1 the new cnc drilling center Vertimaq offers the craftsman the latest generation technology. Absolutely compact, easy to use and totally flexible. It makes holes, slots, milling, cuts, etc; everything you need to make furniture, and all that in just two square meters of your workshop!
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DRILLBOY 1000 cnc Machine

The smallest footprint vertical machine possible, it's quite the record to have a cnc drilling center in just 2.5m2 of your shop. The piece to be machined always rests on one of the edges, all its weight resides on that part. Thespecial plastic table, it only acts as a guide in the movement, thus avoiding scratches on its finish. Download catalog

DRILLBOY 650 cnc Machine

The DRILLBOY 650 vertical CNC drill provides the craftsman with state-of-the-art technology. Drills, slots, mills, cuts, etc.
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DRILLBOY 800 Vertical Machine Center

The vertical machining center, CNC-Drillboy 800 technology, makes holes from 3 to 35 mm in diameter and kitchen hinges. Download catalog

DRILLMASTER 3 cnc vertical machine

DRILLMASTER 3, the new machining center can perform milling and pantographing, emptying of stained glass windows, machining of all kinds of bolts and hinges with radii on doors and frames, locks and armored locks.
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DRILLMASTER cnc Vertical Machine

The CNC Drillmaster vertical machine occupies the least possible space, it is a record to have a cnc drilling center in only 2.5 m2 of your workshop. Download information

FV1 JULCE cnc Vertical Drill

The incredible FV1 JULCE drill with its exclusive "quick fit" pneumatic pressure part clamping system will only occupy 1.8m2 of your workshop.
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FV6 BLOCK cnc Machine

The FV6 Block is an amazing CNC machine! Mechanize doors and swings! It guarantees large production in a small space in your workshop.