Discover the news in CNC machining centers and drills designed specifically for carpenters and craftsmen. These machines are tailored to meet all of your cutting, slotting, milling and drilling needs.

Our CNC machining centers and drills offer high precision and speed in cutting and slotting. With its intuitive and easy-to-use software, you will be able to make the most of its potential. These machines are built with robustness, allowing a management and control of 4 axes, interpolation and closed loop control.

In addition, our machines have a nice user interface (UI) that provides a great user experience (UX) for the woodworker. Enjoy intuitive and efficient control while working on your projects.

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Useful measurements 2200 mm x 1100 mm Air pressure 6Kg/cm2 Pneumatic drive Linear motion guides Manual lubrication    


DBORE1 the new cnc drilling center Vertimaq offers the craftsman the latest generation technology. Absolutely compact, easy to use and totally flexible. It makes holes, slots, milling, cuts, etc; everything you need to make furniture, and all that in just two square meters of your workshop!
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FV8-CNC milling machine for DOORS

FV8, THE NEW VERTIMAQ MACHINING CENTER, provides the craftsman with state-of-the-art technology. Download catalog

STARBORE CNC Vertical Drill

STARBORE, the new Vertimaq CNC drilling center makes holes, slots, milling, cutting; everything you need to make furniture in just 1m2 of your workshop.
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VBORE2 Vertical CNC drill

VBORE, the new Vertimaq CNC drilling center makes holes, slots, milling, cutting; everything you need to make furniture in just 2m2 of your workshop.
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VERTI-K cnc Vertical Drill

This Verti-k vertical drill was created as a complement for the manufacture of furniture using the Nesting system. With the Verti-k model, we can cover the edge drilling process faster, more economically and without taking up space from the production process since it only occupies 1m2. Not only does it allow us to drill holes in the edges, but it is also possible to insert dowels automatically, with the application of glue, in its most complete version.
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X-BORE2 CNC Machining Center

The Vertimaq X-BORE2 cnc boring center is the perfect solution for craftsmen looking to incorporate the latest technology into their production processes. This machine is compact, easy to handle and offers great flexibility in its use. With the Vertimaq cnc drilling center, craftsmen can achieve greater efficiency in their production processes, as well as greater precision in their finishes. In addition, its compact design allows it to be easily located in any workspace, making it an ideal option for workshops of any size. Optimize your production with the new Vertimaq X-BORE2 cnc boring center!
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