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Block Assembly Table

Useful measures 2200 mm x 1100 mm Air pressure 6Kg/cm2 Pneumatic Drive Linear Sliding Guides Manual Lubrication      


STARBORE, the new Vertimaq CNC drilling center makes holes, slots, milling, cutting; everything you need to make furniture in just 1m2 of your workshop.
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VBORE, the new CNC drilling center Vertimaq makes holes, grooves, milling, cuts; everything you need to make furniture in just 2m2 of your workshop. 12900 eur Basic 16900 eur With Automatic Feed Inserts  
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This vertical hole Verti-k, is born as a complement for the manufacture of furniture through the Nesting system. With the model Verti-k, we can cover the process of drilling of edges, faster, more economical and without removing space to the productive process as it occupies only 1m2. Not only does it allow the borehole in the edges, but it is also possible to insert the anchor in the most complete version, with the application of tail.  
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Vertimaq's new cnc drill center provides the craftsman with state of the art technology. An absolutely compact, easy-to-use, fully flexible machine.
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