HERSAN successfully celebrates its open day with FIMAL, CEHISA and VERTIMAQ

La Mancha’s signature offers its customers a simple and economical solution for cutting, trimming and machining.
Last week, half a hundred people visited the open doors of the HERSAN Representations at their Albacete facility.

The Castilian-Manchegan company, together with its represented FIMAL, CEHISA and VERTIMAQ, presented to its visitors a simple and economical solution to carry out the cutting, edging and machining functions of the panel in the workshop. With speed and an excellent finish.

The FIMAL cutting centre accepts boards up to 3.60 for 2.10 meters (avoiding an optional 3. 80 m that would require a square machine) and incorporates a presser that takes the piece and takes it to the disc, with which it does not have to walk. with her.

“In only eleven square meters, the client has the ability to cut a switchboard,” says Enrique Hernández, Technical Director of Representaciones HERSAN, the Italian brand distributor. It is also possible to tilt the disc and cut to 45o.

This interesting machine follows the work centre “Drillmaster”, of the firm VERTIMAQ, with which it is possible to carry out all the machining operations of a door: hinges, locks, knobs or handles. You can also mechanize cupboards and kitchens.


CNC machine, Drillmaster model.

To all this is added a CEHISA FLEXY PLUS sheet that, if you incorporate a group of tupis, will give an impeccable finish to each table.

The system is completed with an ACV suction system (Aspiraciones and Construcciones Vidal) which, when automated the pneumatic closures, only activates the opening of the ducts and the aspiration of the dust when a machine is turned on, to save energy and maintain it. Machines and workshop clean at all times. “Silos and filters can be inside the ship, without the need to make complex furnace manufacturing and civil engineering facilities abroad,” explains Enrique Hernández.

“In general, a small workshop can quickly and efficiently manufacture furniture, cabinets, doors and even complete kitchens, without having to face a big investment,” says Javier Hernández, HERSAN manager.

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