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Aspirador virutas 3hp 220v

  It is indispensable in a carpentry shop, a dust cleaner and the chips produced by the machines. It is equipped with a fabric or plastic tank, the structure is made of steel and its suction volume depends on the use - industrial or workshop.

Block Assembly Table

Useful measures 2200 mm x 1100 mm Air pressure 6Kg/cm2 Pneumatic Drive Linear Sliding Guides Manual Lubrication      


The vertical machine occupying the smallest space possible, is quite a record having a cnc drilling center in just 2.5 m2 of your workshop. The piece to be machined always rests on one of the edges, all of its weight resides in that part. The special plastic table, only acts as a guide in the movement, thus avoiding scratches in its finish. Download catalogue


CNC Vertical Drill DRILLBOY 650 gives the craftsman the latest technology. It makes drills, slots, milling, cutting, etc.
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The vertical machining center, CNC-Drillboy 800, makes holes of 3 to 35 mm in diameter and kitchen hinges. Download catalogue


The CNC Vertical Drillmaster occupies the smallest possible space, it is quite a record to have a cnc drill center in just 2.5 m2 of your workshop. Download information