Vertimaq-CNC Machines, located in Barcelona, and with a family tradition of three generations in the manufacture of woodworking machines, was born in 2005.

With the aim of applying cnc technology that is very accessible to all, it launched the cnc vertical milling machine, FV2, for machining doors on the market with resounding success.

In 2008, after analyzing the needs of small carpenters, we developed the vertical cnc drill for cabinet and kitchen machining.


The new CNC drill that revolutionized the industry back then. This can drill pieces on their faces, on both edges, and make horizontal grooves for the bottom of your furniture.

Drillboy 800

In 2014 we launched the evolution of the cnc drill, the Drillboy 800 model with a new machining concept and with a cnc completely developed by Vertimaq, which makes this type of machinery even more economical and easy to use.


Centro de mecanizado vertimaq

Vertimaq machining center

Today we have the powerful and fast X-BORE2 machining center, an excellent vertical machine in just 2m2 of your workshop and with 10 bits.

Thanks to its unique technology, developed in our R&D laboratory in Barcelona, it is possible to carry out mirrored machining on any part, regardless of loading on both the right or left side.

Vertimaq is always in continuous development and creation of new machines, and new technologies, unique and original, with incomparable revolutionary and creative concepts.

Our goal is to make the latest available technology available to the small carpenter, the same used by large furniture factories, and allow him to compete on equal terms with the demands of each market.

Vertimaq-CNC Machines, today is present on 5 continents, contributing to the development of PYMES in the sector worldwide. Our brand is internationally recognized, achieving great prestige.