VERTIMAQ manufactures CNC machines for small carpentry.

VERTIMAQ fabrica máquinas CNC para carpintería pequeña.
VERTIMAQ CNC Machines are unique in the world because they occupy little space and are very easy to use and maintain.

The profile of the client VERTIMAQ is the small carpenter and the door shops. It offers simple but effective machines, without the need to make a big investment or have qualified personnel specifically to use them. In our sector we work more and more with the zero lot (no stock). VERTIMAQ offers a very flexible machine to comply with the machining of doors, kitchens and cupboards.

Distinguishes the VERTIMAQ machining centers that are CNC vertical compact, in addition to its simplicity of use and maintenance. The tools that each machine incorporates are designed for each particular job, applying the experience accumulated in three generations dedicated to the manufacture of machinery.


“Among our clients, there are young people who adapt quickly to the machinery, and also those brave who have never touched a computer in their lives and decide to trust VERTIMAQ. We are grateful to everyone, but especially with the traditional carpenter, who starts running for the first time with a numerical control, they tell us, from VERTIMAQ.

Through the software of LEPTON SYSTEMS, the client can intuitively draw the pieces (doors, shelves, kitchen furniture, doors, etc. ), using icons. It is a very visual and simple procedure for those who are first contacted with this system of work.


All the structural, mechanical and electronic components of the machines are manufactured with pride in Spain; it is a national product that we export to more than 30 countries.


The two models of VERTIMAQ machining centers are called “Drillboy” and “Drillmaster”. Both are highlighted by the flexibility, security and minimum space required, only 3 square meters. For the reliability of the electronics, by its intuitive screen, it reminds the user at all times how to place the pieces, which are registered by the machine through a barcode reader.

Drillboy is a carpentry machine that is dedicated to making cabinets and kitchens.
This machine can be purchased by paying 60 quotas of 350 € / month, without entry, as if it were a receipt, thanks to bank financing.

“Drillboy is very simple to use. It is possible to work with her the day after she received it in the workshop. The client receives the program and a tutorial before receiving the machine, so that he starts practicing with his own pieces immediately. However If any questions arise, VERTIMAQ can connect with each machine and each client by remote control, via a computer or telephone.

Drillmaster is a solution for machining doors and their frames, whether they are input, shielded and shunt, as well as pantographs and also to mechanize cabinets and kitchens. It is a vertical machine that occupies only three square meters of the workshop.

VERTIMAQ fabrica máquinas CNC para carpintería pequeña.

VERTIMAQ manufactures CNC machines for small carpentry.

“The evolution of the VERTIMAQ machines is the result of the dialogue and the participation of the client. The feedback we have with all of them allows us to continuously improve our products, depending on the needs that we are transmitted. The customer himself is our best commercial Experience tells us: when we installed a machine in an area, the sale is replicated to close points.

His participation in international fairs prior to the great crisis has rewarded him with the presence, currently, in carpentry from countries such as Russia, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Vietnam or Thailand, among others. The FIMMA in Valencia has undoubtedly served to shore up the brand in the national market.

Drillboy and Drillmaster work in almost all the autonomous communities of Spain. In addition, it is a reference for the vocational training centres with which it collaborates in the training of future professionals.

This strong market positioning guarantees VERTIMAQ the constant technological development of its machines.

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