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VERTIMAQ presents DRILLBOY, a vertical CNC drill for carpentry

taladro cnc para madera drillboy

A vertical CNC drill for carpentry.

A vertical machine that takes up less space in the workshop. DRILLBOY, in particular, occupies only 2 square meters.

VERTIMAQ_drillboy_2After filling the boxes with the measurement information for the specific macro, the part design is generated immediately.

From the comfort of the office, without occupying the time of the machine in the programming, the information is copied into a pendrive and is carried out by the machine.
When selecting by menu or by reading barcode, the program is loaded.
DRILLBOY makes drills, slots, strawberries, cuts…everything you need to make furniture.
VERTIMAQ delivers the equipped machine with the following 5 tools:

VERTIMAQ_drillboy_7Drill No 1.- 5 mm drill bit. For front and edge drills.
Drill no 2.- Drill 8 mm. For front, edge and auxiliary strawberries.
Drill No. 3.- Drill 15 or 20 mm. for minifix

Drill No. 4.- Drill bit of 35 mm. for hinges.
Tool not 5.- Grove groove.
Optionally, you can also place a saw to cut edges and change the hole No4 with 3 x 32 mm. multi-drill

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